Career Advice - 3 Ways to Bounce Back From a Lay Off

By Benjamin J Nash

In the past we have written tips on how an organization should handle a downsizing. Now we are going to explore the other side of the dreaded downsizing.

Being laid off from your job can be a devastating experience - all of a sudden thousands of not so pleasant thoughts begin to rush through your head and life may soon become overwhelming. How will I pay my mortgage, my car payment, my kid's college tuition? How could they do this to me? What am I going to do now? Though getting fired (lets call it what it is and dispense with the made up marketing language designed to make it seem a little more tolerable) is not a pleasant experience, especially in a tough economic climate such as this one, there are some ways to help see the bright side and move on. Here are some tips for bouncing back from being fired:

* Do not beg for your job back - when the news that you are being let go hits, don't go into desperation mode. If it is a calculated firing, you can be sure that a lot of thought has gone into your release for one reason or another. There is a very slim chance you will be able to convince the organization not to let you go, so try and take the news in stride. It is bound to be a tremendously humbling experience but try and end the employee, employer relationship on the best of terms. Ask for positive letters of reference, negotiate severance pay, and seek for outplacement assistance if it is so warranted.
* Try to look on the bright side - So you just got let go from a company you have been at for 25 years. Sure, it sucks - there is no other way to say it. But there is bound to be something new you have always wanted to try and never had chance to take a shot at. Try taking a shot at it now. If you have successfully negotiated a severance package, look at your dismissal a chance to follow a dream - it may not work out like you plan, but it may work out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.
* Blow of some steam for a while, then hit the job circuit - Take some time to yourself after you have been fired. Evaluate the reasons for your dismissal and try and think if there is anything you need to change in order to get a new job. After that, forget about it - dwelling on the experience will not make you any better. Go out with friends, have fun; heck, you can even participate in the Unemployment Olympics (click here to read more: When you are ready and refreshed, hit the job boards and your network to find that new job - you should feel somewhat better about the situation (at least you got some time off to relax) and you will be more energetic to find a position - this will shine through in interviews, which is far more appealing than desperation!
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