Dress For Success - Get the Job Offer You Deserve

After months of searching and submitting resumes, you have finally landed the all important job interview...but what now?


Everyday I see interviewees come in dressed as if they are going to visit their elderly grandmother for a special holiday. They are in khakis and a button down shirt with loafers. Yes, they may look decent but the question is...ARE THEY A POTENTIAL EMPLOYEE?

With the unemployment rate reaching nine percent, EVERYONE is more than qualified for any given position. However, people depending only on their resume to land the job are repeatedly disappointed when the final decision is made and they are rejected.

You have probably heard it before..."It was a really close decision between you and another candidate but that candidate just had a slight edge." What was that slight edge? Candidate A+ just landed your job because they put on a jacket, a tie and nice shoes. They showed that they respected the position and felt honored to be chosen for the interview.

It may take a little more effort to invest in a couple of suits (remember there are usually first and second interviews) and a nice pair of shoes, but in the end you get the break in this closed job market that you desperately need.

Here is the most important advice I can give. The job interview starts as soon as you get onto the company's property. Enter fully dressed, including that ever important SMILE before you leave the car.

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