Women's Intuition - Our Own Superpower

By Sherry McCourt

Have you ever felt frightened or anxious when out walking alone? Have you ever wondered what you should do if approached by an attacker? The alarming reality is that we live in an increasingly violent world in which the fear of crime is ever-present. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, but especially for women. The following are a few safety practices that every woman should know and use.

Awareness: The first and probably most important factor in self-defense is awareness: awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and your potential attacker's likely line of attack. The potential attacker's primary plot is to use the advantage of surprise. Studies have shown that attackers are skilled at choosing targets that appear to be unaware of what is going on around them. By being aware of your surroundings and by projecting a strong and confident presence, many altercations which are common on the streets can be avoided.

Use Your Sixth Sense. "Sixth sense" "Women's Intuition" Whatever you choose to call it, is a powerful subconscious insight into situations and people. All of us, particularly women, have this gift, but very few of us pay any attention to it. Learn to trust this power and use it to your full advantage. Avoid a person or a situation which does not "feel" safe--you're probably right. If you think someone is following you, check by crossing the street - more than once if necessary - to see if he follows you. If you are still worried, get to the nearest place where there are other people - and call the police.

Escape: Always Your Best Option. What if you are suddenly confronted by a predator who demanded that you go with him? It would seem wise to obey (especially if he promises not to hurt you), but leaving the initial crime scene ensures that you are far more likely to be seriously injured or killed. Escaping by whatever means possible, be it by screaming fire, hitting your attacker in the eyes, throat, groin, or by throwing your purse or bags in his face and running the other way.

Your Right to Fight. Although your best option is to escape. It is important to understand that you can and should defend yourself physically. You have a right to do so, even if the attacker is only threatening you and hasn't physically attacked first. Aim for the eyes first (poke and gouge) and the groin second (squeeze and pull or kick/knee hard). Try to use the element of surprise to your advantage--strike quickly, be strong and confident in your actions. You may only get one chance. Then run away. Escape to a safe place (this means anywhere where there are other people)

Self-Defense Training: The self-defense program should include simulated assaults, with fully padded instructors in realistic rape and attack scenarios; this will allow you to practice what you've learned. (And continue to practice).

Take the next few minutes.... Think about your safety, try to visualize how you would react to someone threatening your safety... now know how you will react, be strong and confident in your choices...

To quote H. Stanley Judd
"The ultimate security is your understanding of reality"

Be Safe

Sherry McCourt is a highly motivated professional with a unique combination of experiences as a Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Certified Fraud Examiner, Private Investigator, Trainer and Speaker. She is an effective communicator who has the expertise and natural ability to bring authentic solutions to her audiences worldwide.

Sherry McCourt is a devoted advocate, supporter and defender of the right to live and work without fear and seeks to empower individuals and corporations to thrive and grow through courage, leadership, vision, teamwork, calculated risk taking, and personal accountability.

As a strategic safety advisor and corporate trainer to many organizations and a personal life and safety coach to numerous individuals: her goal is to create a movement of men, women and corporations who choose to take chargeof their safety and success at work and in their own lives.

Sherry McCourt keynote and workshop messages focus on Health and Safety, Security, Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Fraud, Identity Theft and Cyber Crime.

Her unique ability to simplify and de-mystify the ugly truth of risk, loss and crime with eye-opening, informative and surprisingly humorous presentations has resulted in her soaring popularity amongst large organizations, small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to stand out and stand up in today's world.

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